Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rag Wind and Cloud!

The day more or less started with Rag meeting, since I was pangseh-ed upon by TYL for lunch =/ It seems like we still have a long way to go before anything concrete comes out from our Rag plans. I think things are gonna get scary as we approach Sem 2........

Anyways, we decided to go shopping at Orchard after Rag meeting since Ah Kong came along with his car! =DD And so we went to Wheelock to look at books and all while waiting for the movie to start at 8.50.. I figured it was great too, since I was meeting Yen Chin at 7 and I could shop in the meantime.

Hmm.. The meeting with Yen Chin was good I guess. At least I had could talk to someone about what happened so that he could understand where I was coming from. To be honest, I don't know exactly where I would go from here.. So it's really just trusting God for direction and guidance!

Anyways, I eventually rejoined the guys to watch Feng Yun 2. If you are looking for a plot, this is definitely not a movie to watch. In fact, they barely spoke. Hahas.. But the graphics were great and the fighting was not bad either. I was quite impressed that the director managed to mimic quite a number of Hollywood effects.. We have progressed as Chinese Cinema! LOL.. Oh and neither Ekin Cheng nor Aaron Kwok aged a day since Feng Yun. Quite freaky! Which really reminds me that I have to start exercising!! Swimming tomorrow! ^ ^

There's one other thing I have been thinking about these past few days, but I guess I shan't say it out loud. Hmm.. Trusting God to do what's best!

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