Sunday, December 06, 2009

Another hectic day.

It all started with Anntic briefing in the morning back in NUS after I slept for only 3 hours after Night Cycling.. We had an ice-breakers game try-out and there was a briefing as to what the Group Leaders are supposed to do for the camp. =/ Honestly speaking, I don't feel up to the task at this moment, mainly because of how tired I've been feeling. I want to just relac jack and sleeeeep!

I went back to nap for a bit after the briefing because I was really feeling damn shag. Then there was lanning with the guys at 4 pm followed by our long awaited dinner. Somehow I didn't really enjoy it even though the steak was to die for. Conversation was stifled at best, and it just wasn't interesting to me. =( I guess I get such days sometimes.

Then there was the W chalet over at Downtown East. I felt I couldn't not go because I've been missing so many class outings. I guess I have been sacrificing too much of my class time in Bizad Club whiling away. I shall devote more time to W next sem! Anyways, we had fun playing Saboteur.. Too bad I couldn't stay too long cos I still have to go to church early tomorrow morning.

I actually contemplated going back to school tonight to grab stuff from the clubroom, but I think driving in my state now would place me in mortal danger. SO I SHALL GO AND SLEEP NOW. Hopefully tomorrow gives me more time to breathe!

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