Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I realised that as I become older, I have also become more afraid. Less cavalier and carefree. More afraid of being hurt, of being left behind, of making the wrong moves, of so many things! Perhaps it's the realisation that I no longer have much of my youth to squander, or that my past experiences have grown me wiser.

Somehow though, I wish I could be that person once again. That person who would have a crush on someone for 4 years. That person who could shout in the middle of nowhere. The person who did whatever he liked even though he knew that people would talk (thinks knitting in class in Primary 6. Hahahs!) Where did I go to? What's stopping me now?

Do I have more to lose now than before? I doubt so, since I might be less of myself now as compared to before. It's difficult to understand I guess. And I have yet to figure it out myself too.. Perhaps when the time comes, I would know.

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