Sunday, December 13, 2009

Left. Anntic.

I love the title I came up with for this post because it really summarises what happened this past week.

If you didn't already know, I went off to Melaka for VCF's Annual Teach-In Camp, or Anntic, for short. Attempts to blog about it would probably leave me very bored and tired because I have already written everything in my notebook. Also, I doubt my words here would do it the true justice it deserves. Suffice to say that I would definitely go for Anntic again next year, and that I learnt more that I ever expected. Melaka was lovely too and I bought a Mr Bean bear there to add to my tiny collection of bears =) If you want to stalk me, feel free to check out the photo album on Facebook =P

Then, of course, is what happened today. Suffice to say again, that I left. I think it turned out as amicably as it could have been. It wasn't easy, but it's done. And now I am officially without roof over my head, so to speak. But I trust that the Lord will provide, since He has led me to this decision..

One thing I have decided though, is not to follow my friends blindly anymore. I shall take this time to really seek out my convictions and truths as God intends for me... Pray for me if you read this yes? =D


  1. okay! (:
    (in answer to your last line haha)

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