Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yes, you saw it right. Leopard preennsss!

The day was mostly spent solely on Yes We Care!, watching Gossip Girl and shopping for the presents for the birthday girls. What a wonderful use of time eh? And so that was how my free day was used up =(

Chairman, Cam and I went to Vivo to shop for the present mainly because I have been bitching about how school is depressing and boring and also because we had 3 girls in the MC with birthdays in October and we absolutely had to get them gifts before we were hounded down and killed.

Us being guys, we didn't really have any clue as to what to get for them, especially since they are such distinct individuals. We tried nonetheless and got them all stuff! But I cannot say what lah =X

Xumao got himself trousers and a tee from Zara. I totally approve of the bottoms, by the way. It looks really good. If I lived in Lentor Terrace, I would buy them myself =) I got myself a great looking vest as you can see in the photo =)) Sorry you didn't get anything Cam.. But I totally think you should get that top you picked out!

It was fun in the end, I guess. We had Diao Xiao Er for dinner and spent $25 each on skinny duck, lotus roots and a very fat pig trotter. URGH. I guess a night of indulgence is okae! Hahas..

Alright then, I should get to working. Ciao.

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