Saturday, October 24, 2009


I just came back from the Nike Human Race 10K. It was a route very similar to Stan Chart, but I stopped to walk quite a few times =( I think I am starting to get old and fat!

Some pointers I got from the race...
  1. Always shit before you run. I ended up running with stomachache..
  2. Tighten your laces before you run. I had quite abrasion on my feet and and painful knees
  3. Never wear dry-fit. It got dripping wet by the time I was done and it just felt really cold and horrible
  4. Eat something in the morning! I felt hungry when I was running. -sobs-
  5. Bring friends. It was quite lonesome to run alone =S
So yeah... There's that. I think I will restart my swimming regime again. Running kills my knees, but I really need to get fit again for 42K. Bleh!

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