Thursday, October 22, 2009

So. Mother's birthday turned out to be okay after all, even though I didn't get her anything. Sis bought her a Braun Buffel handbag, but from what I hear, she didn't like it too much. Was thinking of suggesting a day out shopping this Saturday. Think it's a good idea?

Anyways, let me fill you in about the dinner. We went to the new Chinese restaurant at Northpoint just to try it out. If my memory serves me well it is named Mayim. Well, the place pretty much specialises in Sichuan-styled dishes, but there were very weird elements, like how they gave us bad tasting peanuts and kimchi for appetisers. I was sorely disapppointed with the way they dealt with the cod fish too. It could have been so much better! Generally though, not bad for a place like Northpoint. We are becoming the next Ang Mo Kio! Way to go, Yishun! =P

Mum was pretty happy to hang out with us kids as we were talking nonsense like the different going rates for different services in Geylang and about my brother's SEP thingie. Better than I expected, frankly. Mum got a diarrhoea the immediate morning after though. Hmm.

Today was fun too. I spent most of the day lazing in the club room because I didn't feel like getting any work done, and we all went for the SEP talk. Which, by the way, was sorely disappointing. I thought there was actually going to be some kind of useful information shared. Not something I could have read off a website! Bummer.

After, Kai Li, Cam and I went to WCP for awfully sweet coffee. Bleh. Loved the pitchfork chairs though.. Too bad I didn't bring my camera, or I would have taken a photograph to share it with you guys. Lovely little place with orange lighting (love those!) and pretty light-shades.

Nigerian Girl was rather okay today too. At least I feel as if she is more prepared for her O levels next week. From PASS to at least a C I would think. Yay!

And now for some photos we took from Photo Booth!

Movie date tomorrow! =))

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