Monday, August 14, 2006

Random Rant.

I'm blogging right now with nothing in my head. I rarely try this. Most of the time, I have a point to make or something that I want to get off my chest. Hmm.. this is kind of fresh =)

I spent most of the evening trying to do calculus. There's a Math test tomorrow!! I'm studying for that one calculus question which would come out because I know that my differentiation and integration sucks to the core. (hmm.. have you ever wondered what core this is? Like the core of an apple? The core of the earth? Curious...)

Of course, I procrastinated as usual. Managed to squeeze in playing Go on KGS (I won by resignation, by the way.) and watching Oprah, and now, watching Wow Wow West. No one to stop me. Hmm. Oprah wasn't very interesting today. They basically reviewed the most memorable episodes of Oprah to each Senior Producer.

Isn't it interesting how jobs work? You work for long enough, and they add a 'senior' to your title, and you get to do more work for about the same pay. My mum doesn't even get this. She just gets the roman numeral on her job title changed. Like Computer Executive VI to Computer Executive III. And there are people out there who are happy that they are "promoted"! This world is really weird. Hahas.. Okae, that was random!

Spent time talking to eelings and Genial this afternoon over our very much extended lunch.. Somehow we got to table-tennis.. I can really see that eeling has a lot of passion for it. I guess things don't change even after you leave the sport. The fire for it never really dies..

Then we got to Jason Ho. How is that guy?? Haven't contacted him for so long.. I don't think I know how to now. Wah.. but it was really fun in Sec 1 and 2. Wish we stayed in contact. He's really cute and cool. Hahas.. No I am not gay, Rich! But yeah. Jason is a good friend. Blame myself for always having nothing to talk about. I am not a good conversation creator. Evidenced from conversations with pig and Jamie. You can try to get something outta me, but if I can't, I really can't. Haix. Why?? Maybe I should go for lessons..

Looked at some black blogs too. I was finding ways to add more colour to the Allegiance blog. Well, turns out that a type of cyan and a particular hue of orangey yellow works well with black without being overly bright. But I don't see the need to change anything yet, so I'd just hold my thought.

What else? Went to Andrew Sullivan's to read about Middle East fundamentalism vs sex. Hahas.. quite interesting. Funny how I never think of such things when I read the news. I normally take things at face value. How superficial! I guess these things take time.. I shall strive to improve my GP!!!

Oh well, I'd better get back to my Math. Remember to watch Grey's Anatomy!!

See y'all tomorrow!

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