Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I am Singaporean

Being Singaporean means being able to sing all those National Day songs by Tanya Chua, Steph Sun and Gong Shi Jia (AKA Kaira Gong) with my friends in the hall in JC proudly even though we denounce propaganda all the time.

Being able to wake up every day to an MRT that leaves right before I reach the station, but always at the same time.

Being able to sip coffee and talk cock with my friends without worrying about the next bomb or even the next meal

And actually being able to understand what "talk cock" means!

Being able be defensive about Singapore when the Hong Kong media scolds us for being legalistic and inflexible when our Bak Kut Teh was refused to Mr Donald Tsang, and when we are reprimanded for being an authoritarian democracy with minimal political voice

Being able to use Singapore Colloquial English with ease and have everyone understand you perfectly, and yet being able to use Singapore Standard English as and when I need to.

Being an angbao for one day because I love the red and white on my country's flag.

I am a Singaporean. 我是新加坡人!

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