Sunday, August 13, 2006

Birthdays again..

It was Shuying's birthday on the 12th. That's yesterday, actually.. She actually thanked me quite politely for remembering her birthday. I guess for anyone else it would have been alright. But the way she put it made me feel even more distant from her.. Gee. I guess we aren't really even friends now. How did this happen? And it's only been 3 years. Seems like I really can't keep friends..

I went for the Ngee Ann Poly Duathlon in the morning. Man, one month of not working out really makes difference. I nearly died after the 3km run. Only 3km! Looks like I am not as young as I was. (duh!) We got 9th overall in our particular race. Oh well.. we just went for fun, so I guess it was alright. I know that Wei Lun wanted to win.. I really am sorry that I couldn't be a better partner.. I guess it's just meant to be like that.

Anyway, we got the NUM t-shirt which tempted us to join in the first place. It didn't turn out as nice as we expected it to be. Oh well.. at least we get to exercise again!

Went to makan at Sakura buffet to celebrate my brother's birthday in the evening. The food was really quite bad. I do not recommend the restaurant at all. The sushi was quite stale, and the only nice thing I tasted was the chicken rice. Hmm. $26 is just not worth it.

We later went to watch the last day of the fireworks fest. I didn't manage to take nice photos because of the irritating tree and building in the way. Argh. I guess my brother was right to say that they should have shut off the roads to let us watch the fireworks. It was such chaos there! A few hundred people squashed in such a small area. You can imagine how difficult it was for us to go home by MRT!! Got squeezed like siao. And SMRT had to terminate all their trains at AMK to make the congestion worse. GRR..

I missed homegroup as a result of my brother's birthday. Seems like I missed quite a lot. Haven't been catching up with the latest stuff.. Like the music thingy they are gonna have for the launch and all.. Haix. It's gonna be pot-luck! I hate pot-luck. Reminds me of the stove I have at home which no one uses, or which no one knows how to use. If we were all bee hoon cooking families!

Oh well.. Not complaining or anything.. I shall just bring drinks and buyable things.. Yeah..

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