Monday, August 07, 2006


I had been meaning to write about this movie since I watched it on Sunday, but haven't had the time since I was uploading so many photos yesterday night. So here's the review!!

Let me tell you hope many popcorns first: 4!! Only because 5 is reserved for the best movie I have ever seen in my life. Not that I would know until that moment..

I watched this with my brother, my cousin and my auntie. Really worth the money, I must say.. And the time.

Anyway, CLICK's storyline is about this guy who was looking for a universal remote control to control all the appliances in his house. This point is rather ironic because he's supposed to be scraping by life, barely having enough. So anyway, he got fed up of not knowing which remote to use for what, so went to look for a universal remote!

The story starts getting interesting when he goes to the Beyond section of Bed Bath and Beyond, only to find an old scientist, should I say, working on sciency stuff. So he asks if he has a universal remote for him, and he does! At this point we all sort of surmise that he is dreaming, since he fell into a bed..

To not spoil the movie, I can't really say what happens.. But he eventually learns the importance of family and that fast-forwarding through life and experiencing only the good parts is not the way to go. And that true happiness may not necessarily be derived from the world's success, and that love, especially familial love is of utmost importance. Hence the quote, "Family over work" before he dies..

If you want to know the twist, go watch the movie! It's only $8.50! Don't be cheap! Hahas.. yeah.

-end of review!!-

I really wanted to watch Lakehouse, but I guess I won't have the chance to now. Hais. A levels are really more important ba....

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