Saturday, November 27, 2010

Leave this place.

I don't want to study MA anymore. I want to leave this place. Leave this town.

Leave behind this city that is so stifling, that's filled with so many rules and regulations. A place where we concern ourselves with where Hougang's borders are rather than how well we are taken care of in terms of healthcare, in terms of the economy, in terms of the poor.

Leave this university where what you do in your time doesn't matter, as long as you produce a 5.0 at the end of the day. Where mugging is rewarded while living is scorned. Where friends are for attaining a certain end in the future.

Leave my home where there are so many unsolved problems. Leave the quarreling every Sunday morning, leave the petty grudges we hold dear like ammunition. Where hurts are so deep that we just learn how to tune them out or ignore them till they fade.

Leave, even though there is no where to run to. Just to breathe, even for a moment.

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