Friday, November 26, 2010

How to murder an ache.

I have been having this horrible aching in my stomach since yesterday morning and I endured through it for the whole of my Macroecons revision and examination. Then it got worse, waking me up several times last night just so that I could go to the toilet only to find that I can't get anything out. -___-|| Can you imagine? I woke up at 3 am to burp out the Pepper Lunch that I ate at 8 pm! I can still smell the hamburger steak.

So I have decided to murder it. And I knew just the people and place for the job: THE UNIVERSITY HEALTH CENTRE, or simply, the UHC.

After each a scrumptious breakfast at Ya Kun as I always do (he's Hainanese by the way, so I must support!), I went over to the UHC across the road to kill the bastard.

The doc started by pressing all over my stomach, and concluded that it was some gastric juices wrecking havoc in my stomach. Urgh. So I got Antacids and some Famotidine to quell the acid juices. Oh stomach, why do you rise up against me!

In other news, Macroecons paper was a bitch. You just need to log on to Facebook to see everyone complaining about the repeating questions, the negative marking, the fact that they made us read so many articles that wasted our time but didn't help us to answer the questions. I think this would be a definite B. I just hope I can get As for my 3 spotted subjects so that I can hope to get a 2nd-upper CAP score.

Oh well, that's that for this morning! Have a great day.

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  1. Aiyoh u got indigestion just ask me larh. antacid is the no. 1 way to go. I get what you got all the time the pain of it...cannot sleep cannot lie down must sit still in specific position one damn sian.


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