Sunday, February 21, 2010

time ZOOMZ!

Most of recess week was eaten up by the Chinese New Year visiting and playing mahjong here and there. I can't believe it's already Sunday!

How did I manage to get to the last day of recess without really doing work? And I have to present my FA tutorial on Tuesday and have a Quantum Weirdness test on Thursday. How cool is that?! =S

To digress a little, the whole of today was spent on two events.

Firstly, some of us from the class went for Bryan's book launch over at Old Parliament House. Whilst it is quite cool to have a classmate who is an actual author, the book launch turned out to be a platform to promote NYAA relentlessly. Every other sentence made had those four letters. 0_O Anyways, I was there up til about 12pm? We left for lunch at Raffles City after that.

Since I had some time in between the book launch and the KRT gathering in the evening, I decided to go home to do some work. Yet somehow I ended up cleaning up my room. Now all the JC stuff has disappeared, and the shelves are slightly neater. Even though the table still looks quite cluttered. I am considering thr0wing away the CDs, cos they are the ones that are taking up the most space =S BUT I LOVE MY CDS! Oh! And I found my long lost baptism cert! How cool is that? Hahas.. There were quite a lot of cards from the past that I looked through from my memory shelf also. It struck me that Cheeks has sent me a Christmas card for every single Christmas eh. I think it's a tradition that I should start too. A little care goes a loong way!

So! I met the kayakers for dinner at Phin's Steakhouse. Coincidentally, it's the same place Kai Li and I went to the last time, and I remember having quite bad steak there =S This time I ordered medium raw, but it still came medium. But aiyah. It's not so bad lah. I shall not complain.

Anyways, we basically ate with a vengeance. After the steakhouse, we went for Ji De Lai for desserts. They have really good durian rice rolls there! OMG. Love it. Unfortunately a lot of people don't like durians. =( We had tang yuan there as well. Honestly, I think Ji De Lai is better than Ah Chew Desserts ehh!

After desserts we went back to Bugis to draw money before heading down to Thomson for another round of dimsum. And now here I am back home! FAT AND FED. LOL!

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