Tuesday, February 16, 2010

See ya!

We sent Ivan off to Sydney at T3 this morning. He's going off to study Civil Engineering at University of Newcastle and his whole family went off with him for a short trip. How cool is that?!

Anyways, it was only when I read Rich's note to Ivan that I realised that it has been a full 10 years that we have known each other. A decade! Looking back, we really shared many beautiful memories and experiences together. Climbing mountains and hills, clubbing, bitching about teachers, playing DotA, visiting homes, or just hanging out. I am so so sooo thankful that I have this bunch of friends with me in my life =)

Although we probably do not share much, as Kai Li observed, there is a certain peace when we are together. Almost as if our personal struggles are put on hold for a moment while we enjoy each other's company.

Ivan, I am gonna miss you for your strength and steadiness. Of course, I can't deny that I will miss your home and the games, but more so for the company of you, all the small little idiosyncrasies that make you you. Like disliking flowers *ahem*. And eating steaks =) Or suaning me about not utilising my PS3...

Have a good time in Oz, and remember that we will always be here waiting for you to come back! In the meantime, go get some of those Asian girls! LOL! Don't get killed by paper balls, like I said! =P

(I realised that I should have taken some photographs of the scrapbook that we made. Haix!! I think I need to use my camera more again!)

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