Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another unproductive day =(

My sweet slumber was interrupted by a phone call to tell me that the praying that I was told was in the afternoon was in the morning after all. That means I had to go around with only 4 hours of sleep again. And it was pretty much rushing to change and to wake my dad up before we rushed to my grandma's place because my auntie had a 1 o'clock lunch appointment to meet.

Dad did his usual "knowledge sharing" sessions while we were on the way there. You know, there are brief moments when he isn't the obnoxious and self-righteous person that he is, when he is quite pleasant to be around. Like when he's talking about the world, about Confucianism, Buddhism, etc etc. I really felt right there in the car that it was quite a gainful monologue.

Anyways, we reached my grandma's at about 11 am and we just packed all the fruits and left. The feeling was really weird because there was basically only my dad, my auntie and me. Usually there would be a lot more people, and normally I would be off at church.. Well, I guess this isn't a normal year.

Well, when we finished with all the rituals and burnt the necessary annual offerings, I sent my auntie to Vivocity before going back while Dad continued his preaching about the world. Isn't it ironic how we all dislike him and yet he seems to be the person who has taught us the most? I mean, I learnt my homeworking skills from Mum, but I learnt to love reading from my Dad. He used to make us read classics and books and reward us with money after we finish the book and give him a review on it. When you are young and restless, the money really helps =) Hmm!

After reaching home, I went on the meet Pamela after SO MANY MONTHS! I think I last met her when I just started Uni around Sept? I wanted to update her about Kai Li and also to catch up. She's actually deciding whether to do Masters, a step that my sister is considering too. Honestly, I think Masters are only good when you have had some working experience to back you up so that you will know what is relevant. But then again, a sponsored Masters programme is an opportunity too good to miss eh! You decide.

Oh, we went to Sembawang Shopping Centre, by the way.. I haven't been there since the last time we went there for zi char. Seems like the place has developed quite a bit and the whole shopping centre is new! We had some awesome 白米粉 and then went to have desserts at MOF. I have come to the conclusion that I don't really like red bean nor matcha green tea =( It's all too... powdery!

Anyways, all the while when we were having desserts, there was this guy singing at the first floor called Su Yi Quan I think. Is it just me, or are singers who can hit really high notes in now? -__- I don't like.

Chatting with Pam is always fun lah. Because she does most of the talking =X I don't really like to start conversations, I guess. It's a skill I must learn lah. But I think I will only get to it when I really have to. Continuing conversations is my specialty =) Together with being retarded, that is. Hahas..

Well, now I am back here. Time to start WORK! Target to finish FA tutorial in 2 hours and go running! WATCH ME RAWR!

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