Monday, February 08, 2010


I was over at my grandmother's place today because we had to give bak gua to my Auntie. Normally we would stay for dinner, but she had to do spring-cleaning so she gave us notice beforehand that she wouldn't be cooking dinner for any of us.

Well, basically the point of this entry was just to chronicle this sudden memory I had while I was sitting in the kitchen talking to my auntie and my grandmother. I sudden;y saw my grandfather chopping the chicken again on the floor, or mixing eggs for the luncheon meat omelette he used to make. It was such a vivid memory of him cooking..

Then the memory shifted to how he bought a new stove which was still the same stove that was there. Has it been 8 years already?

I guess Chinese New Year was always his busiest, preparing food for his whole family to eat. That was when everyone was still around.. My younger uncle has since disappeared, and everything has changed. My elder uncle stays away from home most of the time and my auntie is just stressed.

And this CNY promises to be the one with the least number of people with my brother in Sweden and Mum's foot bound up =(

I wonder if we would have been happier if ye ye was still alive. -shrugs-

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