Monday, March 01, 2010

Visit to Zion B-P.

As you might already know, I am currently in between churches after having left CCC in December last year. So yesterday, I went over to Reuben's church. Reubs is my VCF Faculty Head and I heard many good things about Zion Bible Presbyterian, so I thought I would give it a shot and see how the church is for myself.

I was supposed to go with Kai, but she was on a roll in mugging and wanted to mug til late, so I was left alone to my own devices =( LOL! The first impression I had of the church when I went into the service was that it had a huge congregation. Of all the churches that I have been to this past 2 months, this would be one of the bigger ones.

The flow of the service pretty much follows what would be a traditional service in KKMC or what I saw when I went to Yishun Christian Church (Lutheran). What I found interesting was actually how they managed to use a grand piano to play the organ. It must be really hard to hold such heavy keys! Okay, random.

The sermon itself was quite simple and about "The Fear of the Lord". The pastor talked about how we have come to see God in extremes, either as a Punisher and Jealous God of the Old Testament who condemns us or as a God of Love and Forgiveness who will always forgive or sins no matter what we do. The truth is, we need to have a correct and balanced view of who God is. Because God is holy, He judges us for our sins. However, because of His mercy and grace, He does give us a way to repent and restore our relationship with Him through Jesus. Okay, I veered off his point a little, but that is essentially the gist of the matter.

I felt a little out of place right after the service because the whole congregation sort of already had their own cliques in place and everyone just drifted off to their own little groups at the refreshments area. Reuben tried to introduce me to his friends, but most were a little awkward and xenophobic I guess..

Reubs also took the chance to tell me about his church and to advise me on settling down in one church and really deciding to stick there. Because churches are mostly similar and it would be better for my growth I guess. I know, I know... But such things are easier said than done. I guess I just have to be very thick-skinned at the start? Let me take some time to figure out how to do this and I will.

When I went over to Chee Keen's house in the afternoon for a visit, Uncle Simon and Auntie Hwee Kiaw sort of reiterated the same point that I should start to find a church that I am comfortable enough in and settle down in it.

I think for me, the greatest difficulty is finding a way into the church. I can either just barge into a church myself like what I did for Yishun Christian Church or follow a friend to his church, like perhaps go to Harvester with Terence and Tan Long. Either way, it would take a very big effort to try to integrate myself and honestly, I don't feel like I am up to it at this moment.

I was also talking to Reubs about how my age is a difficult age to be changing churches. I mean, youths would obviously have it quite easy because people their age would be quite receptive and open to new people. Older people are the majority of the church and I think they shouldn't have a problem fitting in as well. It's only young adults like me who don't really have a group to go to unless the church has a strong Young Adults Ministry, which doesn't really occur much. I mean, people our age would be really busy with their school work and would already have a stable group of friends. Why bother to help a new guy?

Well. That's basically my challenge of this season I guess. Advice anyone?


  1. Anonymous12:00 AM

    interesting post!

    maybe you might find your answer looking at it from the other side:

    if you were in charge of a young adult ministry, how would you try to help someone like yourself integrate?

  2. Hi turnyourears, thanks for the advice. That really helps me to realise that I must take the effor and be spontaneous as well before someone can pull me in.

    Thanks again! =)

  3. hi i think its a two way thing! i think churches find it very hard to reach out to young adults, because as you mention, we're all busy, and we're starting out as independent travellers in life's journey.

    you're right, churches seldom have strong YAMs. i think slowly that will be a segment that churches in SG will have to actively reach out to.

    anyways, i've got a google alerts out for "young adults ministry", which is how i found your blog =)


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