Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Mugging Zombies

Were over before they even really begun.

I had my Financial Accounting paper today. It wasn't hard, but quite long for a one-hour test. That means we had to scribble a lot and couldn't really check our work. I think I did pretty okay since I managed to balance everything and the only mistake I know of was the fact that I divided Rent Expense by 3 instead of 2 months. -shrugs- My philosophy is really to just let it go since it is over. We will all know when the paper comes back!

Anyways, I spent the whole of last night mugging together with Kai =) Look how dead we looked by 5 am. Hahas.. To think we actually ran before that! 5 am is really quite a feat. But hon, don't make it a habit yes?

So now that the midterms are over, I really need to start catching up with all the projects and tutorials that I haven't completed yet. By the experience of last semester, the finals would come before I even know it. AHH!

Oh, I am thinking of trying for the Double Degree Programme for Comms and New Media since it would pretty much fit what I want to do in the future. Should I? My CAP is cui and my A level results ain't fantastic so I probably will not get it even if I tried, but something in me is super tempted...

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  1. kaili :D10:28 PM

    i think you should just apply. Cos, no harm ehs. No need to think so much de. And also, no need to write essay!


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