Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh Boy.

I went back to RI with Zhaoyu today to meet Miss Tang regarding where she requires our help in Boys Brigade. After almost 3 years of not going back due to Army and University commitments, here I am again, offering my services to BB.

I once told Chee Keen that I wanted to find my "BB" too, much like how Chor Seng has found his in Photography, or how Terence has found his in church. Simply put, it is a calling. I want to be able to find mine. I am quite sure my "BB" is definitely not BB, because I go back to help out of the Coy's needs instead of our of my own desire to help the Boys.

Anyways, the talk with Miss Tang was most swift. She basically told us that she would need the most assistance in the Annual Parade and that any other help in terms of facilitating the running of weekly parades that we could provide would be welcome. We thought it was a reasonable commitment, so we just agreed. Hopefully we can deliver our end of the bargain!

There is a certain feeling of reminiscence when I went back to look at my juniors. Coincidentally they were holding their activities in the room that was my lower secondary classroom. I could suddenly see myself fighting with Hong Wei and Mr Joseph Wong "touching wood" by touching my then botak head. And sitting with Jason Ho right at the front of the classroom, and Li Wei talking about his 浩瀚的疆土. Surreal.

Well, before long, we had to leave because parade and negotiations were over and we went to J8 for a meal. The same thing happened. I remembered how what is now Manhattan's Fish Market was once Delifrance and how we hung out there right after graduation in Sec 4. It's time like this when I can't help but feel the age on my shoulders.

Hopefully I can be of service to both the Boys and the Coy!

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