Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gigantic Siew Mai.

Today was a busy day for me.

I woke at about 10 am and readied myself for my piano lesson. It was especially late today (thank God!) because they had group lessons before that and Ms Goh had to push my lesson back to 11 am.

I feel guilty at times for not practising my piano. Haix. Imagine the exasperation you feel when your student gets stuck at the same spot every single lesson. That's the same thing that she feels I guess. BUT I REALLY HAVE NO TIME! Today she asked if I would consider taking exams again. Unfortunately I have my student exchange right smack during the exam period =S Also, I don't think I would want to relive that paralysing feeling. =/

Anyways, after piano lesson came Food Distribution that for my MNO Project. I had to take a cab down and squeeze a Double Cheeseburger Meal inside that time because lessons ended at 12 pm and I had to be down at Redhill by 12.45 pm.

The food distribution was surprisingly fulfilling! There's just something gratifying in giving food to those in need. Today I saw many old folks and some of those in need. I never actually did go to a one-room flat before, and yet today I saw for myself the poor living conditions of these people. You can literally see the whole flat at one glance, and there's really only space for one bed right at the door. I am glad I was able to bring some cheer into their lives just by giving them some food =)

I am quite happy that our MNO Project is making some headway too =) A while back we were totally panicking because we didn't know if we could make everything work, but now it seems like everything is in order and as planned, and all we need to do is for me to come up with an ai zai video.. Hopefully I still can make it lah hor!

After the food distribution, I had to rush down for GCube which had already started without me. =/ We covered more about the Modern Enlightenment today and how our mindset about missions were shaped by the historical events that occured during that era.

You know, what's interesting is that even our normal mindset now or view about science was shaped by that same era! We have Physics because we believe that everything can be explained away by reason, and we separate Church and State because of the Supremacy of Reason. It's really quite interesting. Can't wait til we cover the Post-Modern Era!!

I managed to spend some time with Kaili after GCube, which is always a pleasure.
Look at the gigantic siew mai we had for snacks! That's a char siew bao for comparison. DAMN BIG LAH!

I think I overate today =SSS IPPT SOON! NEED. TO. CUT. WEIGHT. NEED. TO. RUN. FASTER...


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