Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekends FTW!

Finally a longer weekend away from Rag!

I managed to get Ms Goh to play the piano for the lesson instead of me, since I was late by about half an hour. I think she sort of appreciated it too cos she was saying that she haven't played the piano in a long time and teaching piano just killed the desire to even want to do that. Hopefully I rekindled some of that!

I caught up on some sleep after piano and then went on to meet Wei Lun and Gracia at Holland V. We had Everything with Fries, which was not bad, but not very fantastic either. It is a novel concept and I would probably bring Kai Li there some time =) It was actually great hanging out again with them and just catching up with life. Gracia had a great time at Europe it seems, and I can't wait til when I get to Maastricht myself!

When we finally exhausted the possibilities of Holland V, I decided to go meet Kai Li and since Gracia and Wei Lun wanted to meet her, it was just as well. I realised that I really miss my car when I sat in Wei Lun's car. Too bad eh? What's done is done.

Anyways! When we finally met at Bugis, we had no idea what to do because the whole place was closed anyways and somehow Gracia had asked Yi Shin out too. To cut the long story short, we ended up at Starbucks in PS and Jun Kai joined us later. Lots of scandals flying around and for a moment it felt like no time had passed since JC =)

And suddenly the day had come to an end and Jun Kai sent Kai Li and I home... NICE.

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