Monday, September 06, 2010

Out Goes the 23rd.

Today is the first day that I am going to school not wearing the hat of a Director of Digital Media and Publicity. I was shocked to feel a tinge of sadness when I sent out that email blast to Clement that Kenneth requested. There was a sudden realisation that I would not be doing this anymore. Jolene, my successor, would be doing all of these things from now on..

I thought I would be glad to finally give over my duties to someone who is still fresh and raring to go - the work can get demanding at times when everyone is breathing down your neck for that email blast or that poster that you have to design. Never did I imagine that I would actually be sad that this phase of my life is over.

Honestly speaking though, Bizad Club gave me some of my closest friends in NUS today. I am really glad that I had the 23rd MC to call home. We might not have been the best performing MC, or even the most cohesive one, but in my opinion, we are DA BEST!

Personally, my role also allowed me to grow both as a person and in my technical skills. I don't think I would be able to work as well under stress if I didn't take on this job. Of course, perhaps I would have just let my Photoshop skills rot throughout the whole of last year. You know, Digital Media is really something that I truly love, and I'm glad I had this channel to express it =)

Now that it's all over (even though I still have a whole lot of things to handover to Jolene), I feel kinda empty. But I am sure God will lead me into another phase in my life! =)

I <3 Bizad!! If you are reading this, don't forget to support our activities and watch out for that new website that I will be rolling out!

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