Thursday, September 16, 2010

IE9 -___-

So I had a rough day and half my brain cells drained from watching Macro Econs webcast and I decided to go on to Mashable to see if there was anything interesting I could read (there often is). But guess what? All I see today was the Launch of IE9. Grr...

From the article, it seems like quite a good offering from Microsoft since it promises to be faster than Chrome and to "beautify the Web". But honestly? If I trusted IE, I wouldn't be using Firefox now. And IE's not even my 2nd or 3rd choice of browser. When they finally have IE9 for Mac, I will download it and try it just so that I can say "ha! I told you so!".

Internet Explorer 9 Has Arrived via Mashable

Edit: Okay, ignorant me just realised that Microsoft stopped support for IE for Mac since IE5. It's just as well I guess =P

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