Monday, January 24, 2011

Joy made them No. 1?

I saw this advertisement on Saturday's Straits Times and couldn't help wondering what Joy had to do with Performance Motors being the Number 1 Luxury Car Retailer.

Was Joy a person? Like their top saleswoman who sold so many BMWs that they shot to the top? Did being really happy and joyful make their employees work harder to get better sales?

Then I found out: JOY IS BMW is BMW's (no, this is not a typo) new marketing campaign as shown in this video:

My question is, is BMW really joy? I mean, it is definitely performance, even the local dealership's name spells it out clearly. BMW is definitely power, masculinity, strength. Raw brutish energy even. But joy?

So I checked the inside of that gigantic spread out. Well, basically it said that joy made them No.1, and their employees are filled with joy. But that didn't really do it for me. Why BMW then? I could replace it with any other brand and still say that my employees are gleeful. To me, this was an advertisement that didn't work. Simply because I had to go online and google "Joy BMW" to find out why in the world they wrote that.

Joy did not make Performance Motors No. 1. BMW did. BMW's legacy of making great cars that perform, great cars that are a joy to ride in. Cars that bring you to where you want to be in the way that you want to be brought there - in style and aplomb. Nay, not joy.

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