Monday, January 31, 2011

First Day in Maastricht.

I should really put my blog to better use now that I am overseas. Sadly I didn't take much photographs these past few days because I thought my camera was low on juice, while it was in fact, full.

If you have me on Facebook, you would know by now that we took 26 hours to actually get to Maastricht from Singapore. It was a back-breaking 2 plane rides where we got incessantly woken up by the air stewardesses for meals that we did not really need, and then a train ride where we got lost in.

The train ride was especially hard for the boys because the 3 of us had to help carry the luggages for the girls. It was okay for the first few times, but we tired after a few more times. It didn't help that the Hollanders gave us weird looks that said "Wow, I have never seen Asians before!" or "I wonder why they are here?". But anyways, we managed to endure those 2 gruelling hours by playing Name the Capital and "Who do you prefer". LOL. That was fun.

Sadly, it didn't end happily with us reaching Maastricht train station. We were left in the cold while we tried to find something to eat for dinner, and then we had to figure out how to take the bus over to Browerswag to get the keys to our apartments. THANKFULLY there was a college student there to help us find our way!

But of course, Browerswag was not the end of the journey. In fact, it was 2 km away from our apartments. You know, it really sounds easy on paper (blog) but imagine us each carrying a 30 kg luggage and a 7 kg hand carry, and lugging it all around town in the dark and cold. It was hell =S

When we reached Browerswag and got our keys we gave up and just ordered cabs to bring us finally to Talienruwe. They weren't as expensive as the rumours put them out to be, and we were glad to finally get here. And from there, it was just a matter of quickly putting on bedsheets, and falling deeply asleep.

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