Thursday, January 27, 2011


I had another gathering tonight. This time it was with my LOCC coursemates: Zhimin, Chee Wee, Chio and BJ. It was amazing how we could just talk about our lives and relationships and what we were up to for this semester as if we never parted. Gatherings with old friends always brings back fond memories for me, and oh boy, have I been meeting up with a lot of people this past holidays! In a sense, I am using my SEP as an excuse to reconnect with the people in my life!

We went to Commonwealth for some awesome zi char and talked on and on about the Army and the people who were in the army and what they are doing now, and what we are doing in school now, and all that.

There are parts of my life now that I really miss, such as kayaking and the Army days, and parts of my life that have shaped me into who I am today. I am soooo happy and thankful to God that I have all these friends with me in my life, and that I am still able to talk to them and all =)

I will really miss Singapore a lot when I am overseas I think. Because everyone I know is here, and everything that I hold dear is here too. Man, can't believe I am actually going to leave in 2 days time.

And it still feels as if things haven't really been sorted out yet in my family, and I don't really even know if things can actually be sorted out. I just hope that everything resolves itself with time?

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