Friday, December 24, 2010

Daily Routine.

I am really starting to enjoy what my typical day these days after I returned from Dubai. A day starts with me waking up at around 9 am or 10 am naturally (sans alarm) and then lazing in bed for a while more, before I get down to really starting my day by freshening up and eating breakfast at the coffeeshop downstairs. I always order the same thing: Set Meal with Teh C, which includes eggs and toast.

Then I will come back to the computer to tweet, read up on the news, find out about the latest fashion, surf mindlessly about random things, and watch Family Guy. Today I tried playing DotA but my computer "illegal operation"-ed on me. Now I am reminded why I am a Mac user -___-||

Anyways, after that would come the journey to the gym for my daily dose of exercise in preparation for IPPT in January. Afterwhich, i would either head back home, or to town to meet my lovely girlfriend for a nice little dinner and walking around in town. =)

Now, that, is the life.

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