Sunday, November 01, 2009

High Definition Drama.

So it seems that chaos ensued at home while I was in school this week, and I was back home to witness the aftermath of the fallout.

It all happened when my dad decided that he has too much money and time on his hands, and bought a 52-inch Sony Bravia television. Well, I guess that's alright, since I myself like to buy things.

The problem comes when he decided that he would use his two sons for cheap labour to dispose of the old television, which by the way, weighs a ton. That again, would be alright, if one of his sons weren't not talking to him for more than half a year now, and the other not having exams in three weeks time.

It was horrible to come back and listen to him try to arm-twist me into sending that tube to my uncle's place because he always thinks that his junk will be everyone else's treasure. Personally I wasn't that affected since it was not entirely out of character. I was just puzzled at why he had to have his way so quickly. Can't the thing stay there for a few more weeks? Or couldn't he have asked nicely and listened to what our limitations were?

It seems like the best solution to the problem is still just steering clear and living our own lives in separate compartments of the same space. Can't wait to get back to school!

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