Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Disappointment has a name.

Now that there is some critical distance from the midterms, I feel like I can finally blog about them. My results for both Macroecons and Managerial Accounting were right smack at the median and around the average scores for the whole class. If you thought that sounded alright, it is not. This means that I have to work very very hard to nail my finals so that I can even dream of pulling some As. The fact that my Biz Comm class is highly competitive does not help matters at all.

The semester started out with me thinking that this could be my chance to pull up my CAP before going over to Maastricht. Now I really am not sure anymore. Am I not putting in enough effort? Did I get lost along the way? Or more ominously, am I just plain stupid?

It sucks to see everything going so well for some people while I struggle to even make it. The way everyone complains about their grades when they are actually much better than mine just makes everything feel worse. Almost like carving out my skin with a blunt knife.

Oh wells, what else can I do but apply my mantra: see how lorh.

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