Friday, September 01, 2006

Singapore Dreaming

I was watching a review of this on ChannelNewsAsia . Five stars!! It seemed like a nice movie from the trailers too. A great deviation from the typical emo Jack Neo movies.

I really want to catch this. It opens on the 7th of Sept! That means it would be really near my prelims. Doubt anyone would catch it with me. Xi Xun would probably be too busy hor? Maybe I should start looking for more movie buddies. Anyone wants to apply? Hehs..

Eh. You have to go watch it okae? Support local! And Wooch, support Y3!

If you want to watch (that means you don't really care for 3 hours of your prelims revision), tell me!! I will go watch with you. Hehs.. Okae, I think I am over enthu here.. Let's just work hard for the important things in life, and buy DVDs later.

Just wanted to tell you about this movie. Now that you know, peace out!

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