Wednesday, September 27, 2006

East Coast and Pub Dinner!!

I've been hounded by two people to send them pics, so I thought I might as well just blog. Hahas..

Yup! I went to East Coast Park and then for a "pub dinner" on Monday!

S6A went to ECP for a class outing of sorts at the suggestion of mk and doreen. Wahh.. thinking of it now, it must have been God's perfect day for me to cushion the blow of prelim results. hahas..

We had fun bowling, arcading (i DDRed most of the time) and then went rollerblading and cycling. Man, after 3 years of not blading, I really forgot everything le. I actually got a very nasty bruise on my leg cos I wasn't rolling straight. Surprisingly I had no bruises from falls! In fact I only fell 3 times. Hohoho.. I am PRO! That was really fun..

We then had fun at the beach and all.. you know, the typical beach stuff. =) Peck Hor built a fortress and I made a heap. Hmmm.. Alicia has the pictures of my heap!! And we made a 05S6A together in the sand. So cliche!! But very fun. Hahas.. I must go and get the photos from them man..

Here's a random shot I took of Bee when she was trying to evade..

After ECP, I went to Clark Quay to celebrate Teckie's and Cheek's bdae. That was some ordeal.. I got really peeved cos we just couldn't decide on where to eat. Ended up eating at macs then going to Brewerkz for drinks.

Here are the pics......

Photos of the pretty lights they have in Clark Quay!! Too bad the camera phone doesn't have a high enough ISO. Turned out grainy and the colours are really.. dull. Hahas. Really. You have to go there and see it for yourself. It's super pretty!!

Photo of Tan Long looking really red. Hahas.. he was acting drunk. But really.. super red.

Zhaoyu zi4 pai1. Man, more narcissistic than me. And zi pai with my phone! What is this...

Chow and Cheeks. Hm.

And Teckie and Chow.. Man, teck looks really freaky in this..

Anyway, Brewerkz was really nice. We were quite disturbed by the higher-than-thou tone of the waitress, but we still had fun getting high. We got ourselves one jar of fruit beer and bourbon coke. Man, I really didn't like the beer. Nor the coke actually.. Why do people like alcohol? Give me a can of soda any day man.. I guess it's a peer pressure, look cool feel cool and sophisticated thing. erks.

The service was good though.. we (tan long, eq and me) asked if we could have a slice of cake separately without cheeks and teckie knowing, and they were very accomodating. And they didn't charge us for the cake! Like. Wow. I am so going there again to buy their super inflated food because they did that for us. Hahas..

It was fun larh. Just us having fun. Hmm. How does it even work?!

We went Starbucks after that and got coffee and basically just talked..

It's funny how a day passes so quickly.. wah. I don't want the A levels to come!!!!!!!

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