Tuesday, April 05, 2011

It was the first day of exams today, and we journeyed to the far North of Maastricht, to MECC. That's short for Maastricht Exhibition and Convention Centre.

We overestimated and ended up reaching there 1 hour in advance, meaning we had lots of time to burn while waiting for the exams to begin. So, we ended up choping a slot somewhere and started mugging! Typical Singaporeans!

When we finally went into the hall, it was like "WHOAAAA". It was mother huge. This photo probably doesn't do it any justice. But I am quite sure that it's much bigger than the MPSH back in NUS. The exam rules here also feels much more relaxed. They could bring their lunches in, and you can basically do anything before the exam starts. When time is up, there is an announcement to tell you that the exam has started, and everyone basically just starts doing it!

The paper was rather okay, I guess. It was the first paper, so I mugged really hard for it, and I could answer all the questions. It was obvious that Caren set some of the questions easy so that we could all pass I think. Ended up getting out of the exam hall 1 hour in advance =)

And it was off to Macs after that for some feel-good late lunch before we headed home for more muggingggg...

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