Saturday, April 02, 2011

Girlfriend Down.

Kai Li's ankle got injured from frisbee yesterday and it has begun to swell up. When she woke up today, she shouted in pain from the blood clotting there I guess. There is nothing much I can do about it other than boiling some eggs to rub the injured area for her and putting warm packs on the area to circulate the blood flow. The annoying thing is that our refrigerator here does not allow for ice production, making it impossible for me to use a cold pack to numb the pain.

Frankly, I think there wasn't a need for the game to be so rough. I guess I can't really blame anyone because after all, it's sports and these things have inherent risks. But this isn't the first time. When he tackled me for basketball I could brush it off since it was just a game and nothing much happened to me after falling. But Kai Li now? The least he could offer to her is an apology.\

I just hope she recovers in time for exams. If not I guess we would really have to take a cab down to the MECC..

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  1. Eh dezhi please dont put anything warm there for the first 2 days. you're only making it worse! ice for 2 days, every 2 hours ice 15 mins. hope she'll get better soon.


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