Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spacing out.

I am sitting right in front of my notes, refusing to look into them. Exams are coming next week, but I still feel lackadaisical about it. I'd much rather indulge in counting the time the mousehunting horn takes to reappear, or in listening to Yes 93.3 for some good ole Singapore goodness than study. I know this will get me nowhere, but I can't really help myself...

I have probably said this in numerous forms before, but right at this moment, I really miss Singapore. How does anyone stay away from home for a prolonged period of time without going crazy? When I eat, I think of pratas. When I cycle, I think of Mandai Hill. When I run, I imagine the park in Yishun I usually run in. And guess what? I am not even halfway in.

Yes, yes.. I know there is no other way than to suck it up and to wait it all out. In the meantime, I should enjoy the short time I have here and experience something I will never get to experience ever again. These are just moments I guess. Moments when I have the time to actually process my homesickness. Oh wells. Gonna stop whining already! Time to really hit the books hard! Marks don't score themselves.


  1. haha gay bud, it really is about discovering new things, exploring and learning about ur new(sorta) environment. considering i could survive brunei for such a long period, and maas is def better than brunei, u can too ya! gotta find some positivity in everything ya. at the very least, be glad u are not suffering back here ya:)

  2. hahas. cam, at least in brunei you got to go back right? or maybe you had some task to busy yourself with. I didn't have any problems for my 2 months in wallaby too..

    I guess what makes me think of home is the inordinate amount of slacking time here. And Maastricht is really boring when everyone is studying =S

    BUT THANKS! your note brightened my day =) at least I don't feel all forgotten. hahas


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