Saturday, August 21, 2010

An Insider's Guide to the Consulting Profession.

Some take-aways from the career workshop that I attended on Friday instead of interviewing wide-eyed freshies =)

1) Consulting is not for everyone

Basically the speaker mentioned that the hours would be crazy when you had a case on hand, and that you would have to travel to wherever the case takes you. That means that besides all the glamorous places, you might even have to go to far-flung lands =(

2) The Consulting corporate culture is unique and you can't afford to slack off.

Consulting firms sounds like a gigantic politicking machine where everyone fights to get noticed by the right project managers, or perhaps familiar project managers, in order to get your work with people you like. In other words, you pick your people and you pretty much stick with them if you think they are good.

3) The pay's not great even though the workload is high

Well, that explains right? The work as an associate sounds pretty high and it sounds like many sleepless nights.

That said, the consulting field does sound very challenging and it sounds exciting for those who are up to it.

Hmm.. I am quite sure that it's not the job for me though.. Unless I eventually move into it after doing a long stint in Marketing. -shrugs-

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